Sunday, June 6, 2010

Colorado Funnies- Better late than never.

For those of you non-Facebookers, here are a few pics from our weekend away over Memorial Day. But to spice it up for people who have already seen the pics, I've included some funnies from the weekend.
On our 7am hike to delicate arch, we passed another couple heading back to the parking lot. The girl didn't make direct eye contact with me, but kept looking over, seemingly intrigued. The closer I looked, I realized it was my friend Heather from New Zealand. She looked a bit older, but her behavior matched exactly what I would anticipate from my friend. So once we got close enough, I greeted her with a hug and energetically said, "How are you? It's been so long!" Then proceeded to introduce, "This is my husband Scott, and Scott, this is Heather, we went to New Zealand together!" Then it happened. She came back with, "Except I'm not... I don't even know you."
That was funny. I tried to say as little as possible after that, knowing that anything I said would probably work against me. We went our separate ways, and it's hard for Scott to believe me when I now say, "Oh hey, I know her!" (The funniest part is, once we actually got to the arch, I did run into an old friend who Scott had never met!)
After hiking in Arches, we headed south to Mesa Verde to see the ancient indian cliff dwellings. Luckily for Scott, we got tickets for the last tour of the day.
We arrived in Silverton, Colorado Saturday night about 11pm. The entire town (all of maybe 200 people) was either asleep, or at the Tavern. Being below freezing, we'd decided not to camp. But, we couldn't find any motel open. So we found some smokers outside a pretty shabby looking one (read: A motel in our price range) who said that "Oh, Randy, he's over at the Tavern." So Scott ran down the street, inside, and started yelling for Randy. Some lady at the bar said, "Oh Andy? He's over there!" We proceeded to get a room from him, for a pretty darn good price. So we're sending all our Silverton referrals his way:
The Prospector in is where it's at everybody!
The man who passed the sacrament at church in Silverton, Colorado wore his full Sheriff uniform. Gold star and all. LOVED it :)

The million $$$ Highway was BEA-UTIFUL!!!
We picked up some Del Taco for one of our drives. Scott, creative as he is, linked 3 straws together and drank as much as he wanted with both hands on the wheel. Impressive. And funny enough to make the "Funnies" section if you ask me.
We took a 2-3 hour detour to see Black Canyon- 3rd behind The Grand Canyon and Yosemite. It was pretty nice. But it was $15 and I wouldn't do it again, in case you were wondering. But we had a great picnic there and saw some very steep cliffs.
And then it happened. We drove right back to Glenwood Springs. :) We LOVE Glenwood Springs, Colorado. LOVE it. Scott can't get enough of the hot springs, and I just love the small town feel.
It was pretty funny watching Scott do water yoga with all the old ladies in the hot spring :)
What a FANTASTIC WEEKEND AWAY! Good thing we had the audio version of "The Help" to keep us busy on the 20 hours of driving!!!

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Heather said...

Breathtakingly beautiful! So glad you guys got a taste of Colorado. My friend Kandice Allen is now living in Glenwood Springs and loving it!