Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Houseguest :)

A few weeks ago, my brother Bryan stayed with us. His housing contract ended in Logan, and complications with his Visa set him back a month from getting to Brasil. It was really fun to have him here, these are somethings we did together:
Bryan is my puzzle buddy! He took a road trip to Vegas with his friends, so this puzzle was especially appropriate. He came with us to several friend functions, and was definitely a baby magnet. Here is Bryan with beautiful, 1/2 Chilean, baby Azaleia!!! (Bryan rocked at the minute to win it games at this party...)
We went up AF canyon one night after work, Bry was great to take pictures of us! (I left out the pictures he caught of when Scott and I chased through the house, battling over Farr's mint chip ice cream :) ) His hands also make great antlers.
Did I mention Bryan bought us mint chip ice cream? Delish! He helped with dinner and the dishes practically every night! And several times he even had dinner on the table when we got home from work! (...complete with background music...) One night, we waxed our noses together. I put the wax on his moustache a little to get his whiskers, and he didn't even complain.
We went to the MOA one day... I am very impressed that all the men in my life love art exhibitions so much! This same day, we also went to the park for a picnic, played with the aerobie, and just sort of kicked around P-town.
Now, Bryan is in Brasil, where he feels very... tall :)

Love you Bryan, thanks for the great visit!

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Julie T said...

That was a treat to see those pix from Bryan's visit! I love the one of him holding the baby- and also of the three of you. Wow, this bodes well for his next visit here...maybe he'll cook dinner and/do the dishes up here too! :)