Monday, June 6, 2011

Cactus Jack!

The highlight and lowlight of the weekend happened to be the same thing. It all began as fun and games: We hopped the fence and met 14 different horses.

We gave them each a good pat and Scott fed them greener grass from across the fence.

Scott is part cowboy you know… He really is a natural around horses. Except for that one time 2 summers ago when a horse head butted him and Scott left with a bloody nose...
Anyway, we had a grand old time, eating French dip with cousins and exploring this huge barn (on the outside, house on the inside).
We were wandering around the barn when Scott found and approached a man who was sure to have an ax and some wood we could chop. Scott buddied up to Cactus Jack, a true mountain man. Scott held their handshake for an extra moment, looking into his eyes wondering if this “Cactus Jack” thing was a joke. When their handshake finally broke, Cactus asked “What? You’ve never heard of me?” Apparently he thinks he’s pretty famous.
“I know every trail from here through Idaho, Wyoming, Montana...” When we asked him if he’d take us for a ride later in the summer, he asked “Well ita’ll depends on whatcha wanna do- a coupla days, a coupla months?” Turns out Cactus Jack is in the mountains for 7 months of the year, living off the land and loving his life. We all stood around listening to stories for a while before we took our wood and were on our way.
Let “Woodchopping Contest 2011 Tanner Style” begin! Some logs were harder than others. Some contestants were stronger than others.

But is wasn’t until the last log when it happened.

Yep, we broke Cactus Jack’s most prized possession. His ax.
And that is a MAN ax if I’ve ever seen one. It wouldn’t be sooo bad if it weren’t this man’s livelihood. His ability to chop wood allows him to stay warm through the night. “Don’t got a vehicle, don’t do money…” This man is not going to the Home Depot to get a new handle. Scott and Tyler went back to break the bad news, and assured him that we will get it fixed up and bring it back to him. We will be back this weekend.

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Noelle said...

Wow I'm glad you brought him a new one...that would really stink if you broke it and ran.