Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I feel like I always post about camping. The pictures all probably look the same, and the stories are often the same too. Set up the tent, roasted mallows, spent time in nature.... But as routine as it is, it is still GREAT. And registering at REI for our wedding is still in my top 5 best decisions. ever.
The extra space in the Kia is really great. It totally makes a difference!
This trip, we discovered the glories of hot Crystal Light. As opposed to hot chocolate. We went to get the hot coco out of our food box in the morning, and it was gone! So we tried this and I would argue that it's even better!
Mmmm! Nothin' like a good fire and a 2 man tent!
I realize that life will not always allow us to decide to go camping at 6pm and be up in the mountains just a few hours later for a great weekend away. But for now, it is soooo fun!

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Noelle said...

never even thought of heating up crystal light. I think buying that north face was also in your top five! (can you change your blog settings so your comments box is a pop-up instead of a new screen?)