Friday, December 7, 2012

A Day in Napa

Our token photo:
picnic at Pride Mountain winery. 
love these two. period.
too bad i'm holding a grocery bag... otherwise this would be a really cute photo!

Beautiful wineries around every corner.  Napa Valley totally impressed us.

BeeGee loved doing a bath with Ruby, too cute!
Scott's dream come true!  The Culinary Institute of America!

We took R to "the bridge" on the 18th hole behind BG's house.  This is where Noelle and I used to play all summer!  

And possibly the highlight of our entire vacay: mud baths :)
Does the photo say enough?
The mud was so thick and almost foamy... you felt completely suspended.  It was very warm and impossible to keep any stiff or strained muscles in your entire body.  Once we got settled, the attendant came in to apply a face mask, place the cool washcloth on our foreheads, and pour us a cup of lime infused water.  So fancy :)  Next time you're in Calistoga, don't miss the mud baths!

We were so lucky to be able to put Ruby to sleep at BeeGee's house and make a date of it!

We finished the night at Brannan's where we had the best cheese plate of our lives and a molten lava cake with raspberry sorbet.

Life is good in Napa.


Julie T said...

What a great vacation! Scott, you did some awesome planning and Stef, you did the best job ever documenting all the highlights with your scintillating photos! LOVE Tatum in the air!!

Noelle said...

Looks like Napa was good to you. Glad you really got to see and do a bunch of different things. Way to be explorers!!! BG loved seeing you I'm sure.