Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Around the house in Sac town

The sleep charmer:
Scott can rock that baby to sleep anywhere!  Well, church and airplanes mostly, but I cannot get her to shut those eyes and relax!  He has the touch!

Welcomed with a cheese plate.  The first sign of a great vacation!
Aunt Kathy was always so good to me as a child, so it was cute to see her with Ruby!

My little turkey!

Our Thanksgiving walk along the American river!

Bryan's creation!

Ruby is the total star!
We did Danish pastry lessons!  There is quite a bit of technique to do these correctly... and lots of butter!!!
The backyard is pretty incredible!


Claire said...

Love this! She is so stinkin cute :) I just watched a thing on danish pastries being made in Denmark and he used a HUGE block of butter, it was insane!

Kali and JT said...

I can't get over what a BEAUTIFUL baby she is!!!

Aaron and Megan said...

Tatum is adorable!! Your mom made those same pastries for my baby shower over the weekend...they are indeed AMAZING!!

Noelle said...

Tatum's shirt turned out so cute. I'm grateful for Bryan to always spice up the photos....