Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas Ruby!
(btw... this whole alias thing is reallllly weird.)
She was such a cutie in her Rudolph pj's from grandma!
Uncle John thought he was so funny for getting her a bikini!
For some reason I got a gift from someone other than Santa...
those letters are easy to mix up... :)
We got a good laugh out of that one!!
Ruby LOVED her Little People nativity set, and her blowing elephant from Santa too!
Auntie Beana got me/Ruby a chew toy necklace.  She LOVES it.  Expect to see me wearing this at church.  Every week.
A water backpack! Yay!  Maybe I'll be able to keep up with Scott (world's fastest hiker) now!
Glittery Toms :)
And in case you haven't smiled yet today, here is a picture of our honorary reindeer:
Tilly Bean.


Julie T said...

Wow, Stefanie! You really cashed in this year! I especially loved the teether/necklace. What was from Satan, btw? And I can't believe Tilly was willing to pose for that photo!!

Noelle said...

yeah it took me a while to figure out who Ruby was. I have a car named Ruby. nice pjs and nice antlers in the last one!

Heather said...

that necklace will be worth it's weight in gold. What did you get from the big red guy, Santa?