Sunday, July 28, 2013

Life is Coming at Me Fast

Here's the thing:
I dropped Scott off on a red eye to NYC last night.
(He is going a week ahead of us to find/sign on an apartment for our family)
It was kind of a fake out "I'm moving to New York" moment for me.

I know I will love New York City and all it has to offer.
I love going new places and living new ways.
I am excited to be surrounded by people who are following their dreams-- whether Columbia students, actors, working professionals, street musicians, or food truck vendors.  It will be amazing to be around people who are doing what they love.

But while still anticipating this giant change, I'm feeling a bit of angst.  
Okay a lot of angst.
I don't really know what I'm afraid of.
Carrying my laundry 2 blocks is not that big a deal.
So I'll fold up my stroller and carry T down the stairs onto the subway.
No big.
Like I said, I don't really know what I am SO worried about.
But in the meantime, I've made some rules to live by:

1. No complaining.
2. No worst-case scenario thinking.
3. No crying.

4. Invite new friends over.
5. Make my home a comfortable space.
6. Eat dinner with my family every night.

These are pretty very basic rules but at this junction of my life they sound pretty consuming.

My back up plan should these fail is to watch While You Were Sleeping on repeat while I sew a quilt.

There are 2 reasons I wrote this post:
1) So that in a month when my "I LOVE NYC" post comes up, we can all get a good laugh at my unreasonable timidness.
2) So that you will write nice, encouraging comments that will help me feel positive and excited about this new adventure.

We decided yesterday that I should come to California this week.  So now here I am, typing away, wondering how my world will flip upside down in 1 week and planning my coping mechanisms. 


Julie T said...

I like rules #4 and 5 the best! I think you will do great although there will be some shock effect in being in such a busy crowded place yet so isolated and far from family! We knew what you wanted from the first sentence and are willing to give it to you: you are a strong woman with a strong husband by your side and you both have the gift of the Comforter. It will be a wonderful, albeit sometimes challenging adventure! We can't wait to hear more! Thanks for being such a great writer!

Margene said...

I am glad you are coming to California for a week T will put some excitement in the house. Sueann will love it. NYC in it self will be an adventure. You will do just find and make the most of it. Just always be positive and laught a lot. You and Scott will make new friends and be able to have fun no matter what.

Carly said...

You have a gift at making friends, so that will ease you in quickly! Can't wait to read about your new adventures :)

Chelsea said...

Family dinner and a happy home... those are a must! Well, they're all musts. Maybe you should start a great new New York journal too and wrote something great/funny/positive/thankful/happy each day about NYC in it. Just to keep you looking for the bright side. :)

Kimberly Moore said...

If there's one thing I know, it's that the Hathaway's face adventure head on. I have no doubt you will have amazing experiences in NYC!

Josh S said...

You should talk to Katrina when you're feeling antsy about the big move. She absolutely HATED the idea of moving to NY. She was petrified and nothing I said consoled her. When we finally moved out here she couldn't believe that she had ever thought it would be anything short of amazing. Now she feels afraid that some day we'll have to move. You'll love it here Stef. The city has "Hathaway's" written all over it!

Kelsey Cole said...

You will LOVE new york. I have a feeling you will take the city by storm and be an expert in just a few short months :) I think all the odd things like laundry and strollers in the subway will just become the new normal. One thing I love about the city is the constant newness of it. It does not get monotonous, there is ALWAYS a new museum exhibit, event, festival, food trend, etc so it just keeps you on your toes :) I cannot wait until we join you guys out there!