Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Since We've Been Home

And, for a completely random post that never made it out of my drafts box... 
A few photos:

Even mini golf in New York is suddenly a city experience!
These two, I just die.

This was taken just after we returned from a week+ away from Scott.  Tatum could not get enough of him once reunited!
And, FISH.  I had never really considered going to the fresh fish market a few blocks over, but one day we just went in and now I frequent the shop fairly often! 
It was a bit of work to eat but very good and a nice change in my meal rotation.
Sweet girls at the beach.  Oh, beach days... I'm afraid they're over for now.  Too bad we don't have Jetblue benefits in the winter when we could really use some sun!

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Heather said...

Love that you get fresh fish at the market! What a fun minigolf place!