Friday, October 17, 2014


The first day couldn't have been more beautiful!
Central park in the fall, I tell ya.  It's pretty nice living here. 
It was fun to do something new on our list with the girls-- remote control sailboats!
Little did we know that this would be our big chance to see Natalie Portman in real life!  Queen Amidala!  Props to Heather for getting this great shot!

To the MET rooftop for some views!  

Grimaldi's pizza never disappoints.  The line generally moves pretty quickly, and it is just really fresh, fancy pizza!  I'd say Grimaldis (Or sister restaurant Juliannas, but having been to both within a single week, I preferred Grimaldis just a little bit, and it is about $2 cheaper) is a don't miss it!
It really felt like the good ol' days with just my sisters and no babies!  We love those kids, but boy do they change the dynamic!  Huge thanks to Rick, my mom and Phil (and Scott too!) for watching the children so we could be so fancy free!
Times Square at night-- a classic!
And probably my personal favorite part of the whole weekend:  Introducing the girls to eyebrow threading.  It was just really really great.

And, a great way to duck indoors during the torrential rainstorm of the world!
We headed to Chelsea Markets for some olive oil tastings...
and just a bowl of scallop bacon chowder with Amy's tangy sourdough bread.  This has to be one of my top 3 NY experiences.  I just love doing this- and it sounds fun/good every day!  It just never gets old!
Ah, relaxing on the high line.  Look at Tatum, so sweet.  
And the easiest freebie ever- insomia cookies!  The white chocolate macadamia nut was pretty delicious!
How we roll.
Such performers in the Lincoln Center. By day two we were tired of being "Ducks in a row" for photos.  
"Strike a pose!"
Oh gosh, Tatum LOVED her nose.  She wore that thing non stop for three days until it ripped in half, at which point we strung an elastic through both sides and made it wearable around her entire head.  She thinks she's a million bucks with it on!
This is my best Natalie Portman look alike.  Bold lip, perfectly placed beauty mark (thanks to Noelle) and flashy earring.  Done!
Heather definitely wears it best. 
Stefanie SHOOTS THE MOON!  Times were tough with a score of 58-3, it was my last chance/hand to shoot it, and with the ace duece I went for it!  Noelle had the cards and brains to support me and we won it big!  It's really too bad for Heather and Scott because they had really knocked our socks off!
Just a relaxing Sunday morning in Sheeps meadow.  The girls eventually got the hang of our 2 legged portable chairs. 
And last but not least, Waffles and Dinges!  I bought cookie butter at TJ's last week, so now all I need is pearl sugar and I can make these at home!
We couldn't keep Tatum out of the girl pictures.  Believe me, we tried.  She innately knew that we were doing a girl shot and she wasn't about to be left out!
 I kind of joke that anyone coming to stay with me can pay me in a key lime cheesecake from Magnolia Bakery.  They are like $8 for a teeny little thing, but boy are they delicious.  It's my favorite thing in this city.  So really, it's not a joke...  If you want to stay at my place, you can show your gratitude in buying me (my own) key lime cheesecake.  Enough said!
 P.S.  Noelle, how did I not get the pics from your phone to include here?!


Heather said...

Best weekend trip EVER! Thanks so much for showing us all around the big apple. I loved every minute. Great post!!

Jessica Holly said...

That's so fun!! Sisters are the best!!!

Noelle said...

That was such a fantastic trip!! Thanks for posting this, I will get around to my post one of these days....