Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Things Just Got Real

Another baby!  Its kind of like, you want to start a family, so you have one kid and then a few years later it's like, "oh man, if we want them to have siblings then we've gotta keep going and then suddenly you're on your second kid and things just got real."   We are very excited to grow our little family and feel really blessed to be able to have another!  With Tatum, we can do anything with 2 of us + 1 baby... but 2 babies, this could be a game changer.   I still plan to have a life, but I imagine we'll need to make more accommodations with 1 toddler + 1 baby than with just one (good sleeping) child.  The kids will be almost exactly 3 years apart, which I am thrilled about!  Not too far, but not so close. Now, time for the questions/answers you may be wondering:

What are you most nervous about?
My greatest fear is being 7/8/9 months pregnant in a snowy/icy city with a stroller.  I'm trying to stay positive and just take each day at a time.

Do you want a boy or a girl?

I think Scott and I are both hoping for a boy, though I love sisters and won't be disappointed if we get another girl next!  I anticipate finding out sometime around Thanksgiving.

Have you been sick?
Yes, I have been sick.  Throwing up probably an average of 4 times a week, and nauseous a lot.  It seems like everything I do is a calculated risk:  Should I eat another bite or let what I have sit a while?  Can I open the fridge now, or will waiting a few minutes be better?  Do I have it in me to leave the house today, where is my airplane barf bag?? -- That said, I have yet to throw up in public, which is huge considering that I did at least twice a day for several months while I was carrying Tatum.  This pregnancy has been so much easier, though nausea is still real and hard.

What is your due date?
April 10.  But my original due date of April 3 has me hoping the baby will come before the 10th! But, I can't play this mental game like I did last time.  Baby is due April 10.

Pregnancy takes forever, and I tried, for your sakes, to keep it on the DL as long as possible so it wouldn't drag on for you too.  I announced via Insta and Facebook at 13 weeks-- does that seem early or late or normal to share the news?  Really, tell me in the comments what you think.  There has been lots of discussion about this at the Hathaway House.  I'd say being a secret keeper for 3 months (especially when I'm EXHAUSTED and sick) is pretty good.  And also, I am showing 10x sooner this time around, so there's that too.


Claire said...

I remember with Ava we told people at like 6 weeks and with Owen we waited until around 12 also and it made a world of difference in making it go by faster, so good job! So excited for you!

Jessica Marcum said...

I think it's way too hard to keep it to yourself when you're sick! 13 weeks is a good time :)

Janet said...

people probably start to guess if you are sick. :) But I think with our next we will announce earlier than later. Still undecided. When I had a miscarriage (before JP) I was devastated but because I hadn't announced I was pregnant yet I felt dumb telling people I had miscarried and I had wished my close family and friends knew that I was pregnant. I was so tired my first trimester I could barely think. I'm nervous what it will be like being pregnant with another little one to entertain. Blog lots so I can learn from you! 👍

Marianne & Eddie said...

Congratulations!!! Very exciting, how cool to take all your maternity progress pics with a NYC background. :) And I think 13 weeks is perfect, I was about that far along when we announced too.

Margene said...

My last one I didn't even know I was pregnant until I was 4 months along. No wonder I was sick and tired all the time. I had all mine two weeks late. So I just told people the due date was two weeks after the real due date. you can tell people any time you want and it is right for you.

Margene said...

I am thrilled for you You will manage the ice and stroller because you have too. I hope it is a red head too.

Noelle said...

If anyone can manage the ice and a stroller you can. ESPECIALLY if you have Hunters. ;) Congrats, I'm really glad the bump pic on the highline turned out.

Amy Hindman said...

Such a cute little baby bump! And my guess is this one is a boy :) With Anne I was super sick and with both my boys I was still miserable and threw up a few times a week but it was nothing in comparison. And good news...those strollers are great help in keeping your balance on the ice!

Tara said...

Wow, this reminds me SO MUCH of my second pregnancy, due April 12, and trudging around the city (just, DC, I know, small cakes compared to your city) through the winter. You will be fine.

As for the game changer, you can call me crazy and tell me I just am used to having 2, but I didn't really think it was a huge game changer when it came to exploring sites or going on trips. We each have a kid we are responsible for and we can still do quite a bit of touring. One hotel room still works just fine. Truth is, you've already had to adapt to having a kid with you, so having two kids with you won't be too much more adaption. Now, 3 or 4…probably a different story.

Janssen said...

I agree with Tara that the jump from one to two isn't that bad. As long as you have a double stroller :)