Thursday, February 4, 2010

Angkor Wat

I have almost no time today... we have a dinner appointment with a German couple in about 10 minutes! BUT, let me just say...


We got up at 5am to see the sunrise over angkor wat, and then spent the day with our entorage (tuk-tuk driver and tour guide) seeing the sites and learning the stories. We have never gotten a tour guide before, but considering that we will never come back to Cambodia, and considering that we would have NO IDEA what we're looking at without a guide, we went for it. Tiran and Dom were awesome.

btw, my mosquito bites are doing a lot better, and I have a good feeling that with only 8 days left of our trip, Scott and I will escape malaria free :)

and p.s. We may or may not be getting addicted to massages. We got an even cheaper one tonight- after a long day at the ruins, and anticipating a 10 hour bus ride to Vietnam tomorrow.

(Mom and SueAnn: Getting through the Cambodian border wasn't as bad as we'd heard, but once through the crossing it got pretty bad. More stories later... But thanks to a Polish couple we were able to share a taxi and arrive in Siem Reap 2 hours later. Angkor Wat is basically all Cambodia has to offer us, so we are off to Vietnam tomorrow. We're going into Sihanoukville to get Vietnamese visas and then on to the Mekong Delta region hopefully tomorrow. We have 1 week to do a flyby of Vietnam. It's too bad because many fellow travelers have spent a month there and say it was their favorite! Do you think we should extend the trip? :)

love stef


Phil said...

I am glad Angkor Wat was so amazing! I wish we had paid for a guide. We only were able to hear bits and pieces about the ruins. Your stories from the Cambodia border I am sure are super interesting. Any kids hitting you?

I am amazed you were able to take a taxi and get to Angkor Wat in 2 hours. It took us 11hours by bus. That is SWEET. Have fun in Vietnam! Talk to you guys soon.

Heather said...

I can't wait to see all the pictures. I think A. Wat is absolutely gorgeous. Here's hoping you get out malaria free!

Julie T said...

Oh boy! These are lots of stories piling up! And the thing is, if you let too much time go by after getting back, somehow they're not nearly as fun to share. So the first few days you're home, I would like to reserve 45 minutes online so we can Skype and at least see your faces as you do the download!
No, I wouldn't extend your trip-I'd just go back some year. Besides, you can see and do a lot in a week!
PS There's no reason you two can't learn to give each other a great massage. Maybe you can take a class there in that and get your massage thrown in!

Noelle said...

Ditto mom about sharing the stories, I'm loving the details too! And can I jsut tell you how JEALOUS I am that you got a taxi from the border. OH HOW I WISH WE HAD DONE THAT! Did it rain at all for you?