Thursday, February 18, 2010

We love to watch the

All I have to say is that women's downhill skiing is INSANE. Those poor girls, each follows the next tumbling down the mountain :(

We thought Sean White (half pipe guy) was getting too much attention, and then we saw him snowboard. Wow, if you missed it, it's worth YouTubing!

The creativity, strength, energy, flexibility and synergy of pairs figure skating will always make it my favorite event.

Let's be honest, the Vancouver Olympics do not have the best conditions in the history of winter olympics, but hey, those athletes have some serious talent. I can't wait until we can watch
jump rope
in the Olympics!!!

What is your favorite event?


Jordan said...

We got cable hooked up yesterday (antenna didn't work for us), so we were able to watch it last night. The Olympics are so cool, and the Americans are doing really well!

Jordan said...

Oh, and my favorite winter events would have to be short track speedskating or figure skating. You never know what's gonna happen. Congrats to Evan Lysacek.

Margene said...

fI watched sean white snow boarding wow wow is right and be sides he was a red head. No wonder he did so great.

Sandra & Brent said...

Hi Stef . . . so glad you two made it back safely (soundly?) We just got back from Vancouver, Canada where we were able to attend some of the Olympic events. My parents live in Vancouver so we had a sweet deal staying with them. Laura and Jordan and the baby came with us and my son Steve and his wife Kalli flew from Boston to join us. We had tickets to the snowboard halfpipe finals, luge, hockey games, ski jumping, and women's snowboarding. However, the standing room tickets for the women's snowboarding were cancelled because of "unsafe conditions". Disappointing. We had a great week anyway. It was fun taking the skytrain downtown to see the Olympic caldron and the general Olympic hubbub. Vancouver is a beautiful city. I kind of took it for granted when I lived there. Good luck with the job search. Looking for anything in particular? Love ya, Sandra

Shawna said...

So sorry to say I haven't had time to watch any Olympics! I love the skating, but have missed all of it this year. On the plus side, I've done a lot of other good things~

Julie T said...

Gymnastics for sure, then figure skating! I really think it would be a great experience to go see some one day if they weren't $10,000 a ticket like they just paid for ice hockey! Please SEND ME THE EMAIL WHEN YOU POST, or i don't see it for 1-2 weeks! Thanks!!