Friday, February 12, 2010

Back on the Grid

We made it home! We are SO HAPPY to be here and enjoy the comforts of everyday American living. I don't think we've been back 12 hours yet, but here are some things I'm already loving:

-Not only hot water, but a big, thick, comfy towel when I get out of the shower!
-Being able to wake up in the night and see a digital clock, displaying the time on a 12 hour schedule instead of 24 hour clock on a mini watch and having to groggily convert.
-I am using my MAC! Not only do I love my computer, but it's nice to use a keyboard not infected and grimy, and I love using my tabs and favorites features. And being automatically logged into my accounts, that's nice too!

Sorry Heather, Bryan and Noelle, I will call as soon as I can, but my phone charger is currently somewhere in the chaos of all my stuff, wedding presents, and who knows what else that is filling Scott's room. We have lots of organization ahead!


Heather said...

So excited that you're back! I can't wait to talk to you guys - have an extra long hot shower for me, kay?

NatalieD said...

Welcome home to the next part of your honeymoon.