Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Well, at long last, I think it is time for me to post again.

We have had an amazing time in are the highlights in a little travel timeline!!!!
  • After a whole lot of bus travel from Malaysia, we arrived in Had Yai which is a very non-touristy Thai city. NO ONE spoke English! With a lot of pointing and crazy attempts at Thai we made it onto a bus and were about 70% sure it was going to our destination in TRANG. Some monk sitting behind us on the bus must have seen how desperate we looked and tried to help, but he spoke less English than we did Thai so it was a mess. The funny thing was he just kept speaking to us in Thai as if we would suddenly understand. Oh well.
  • The bus ride to TRANG was only supposed to take 2 hours, but it took 3.5. Naturally, I thought we missed the stop so I started frantically trying to communicate with passengers. Good times. Some ladies knew we needed help and motioned for us to follow them. In 5 minutes we went on a crazy Tuk Tuk ride, got Thai baat, found the bus stop, bought tickets, and basically got push into a mini bus to the boat dock. THANK YOU Thai women, it would have taken us about 1.5 hours to do that on our own.
  • Our first stop was KO(Island) HAI (Bradford, thank thank thank you for the recommendation). The Andaman Sea was gorgeous! Wow! Picture a little ferry boat sliding through the bright turquoise water, past dramatic limestone islands rising out of the sea, and sailing over beautiful coral to a perfect white sand beach. It was heaven. Great food, beautiful sights, and the greatest snorkeling I've ever done.
  • Next, boat to KO MUK. Equally beautiful island, Emeral Sea cave, and a fantastic resort. Complete with a bamboo hut.
Anyway, this is getting a little long...we loved the islands and are having a great time on our trip. Love you all and see you soon!


Heather said...

Okay, Emeril. An island vacation, hmmmm. I can almost taste the urgency with which you tried to communicate with those who don't speak your language. Thank goodness that those nice women helped you out!

Phil said...

It is amazing how much you can communicate when you are desperate. Reminds me of my mission :) j/k

I am glad to hear that you are loving the islands. Soak it up and remember to keep an awesome journal. I can't wait to hear all about it.

Talk to you soon.

Shawna said...

Nice to hear from you Scott! Nice ladies rule, don't they?

Julie T said...

Okay, that does it! I thought I could get away with not ever seeing Thailand, but this last post pushed me over the edge! Great idea on the cooking lesson! Maybe you could repeat that in Cambodia and VietNam...Vietnamese food is my very favorite and so healthy!!! (very fresh tasting and not so spicy, lots of seafood) Happy Anniversary! Btw, how are those mosquito bites doing?