Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I got a TABLE, and a JOB!

So, its official. We are the luckiest. I was on the phone with our landlord the other day and mentioned that we are still looking for a kitchen table. Well turns out they had an extra (new, might I add) black table with six chairs and a leaf just cluttering up their basement. The next thing we know, we have the table and all six chairs in our front room. Can you believe they are loaning it to us for free?


I got a job :)
That's how I feel about that!

I'm going to start tomorrow morning with an organization called Hearts for Home Health. It is a home health program, believe it or not! I will be a "team coordinator" which at this point seems like I'll liaise between the hospital and patients/families as they adjust to living with their condition at home. Part of it is also a hospice program.

Here's what I like about the job:
  1. It is about 6 minutes from home, saves on time and gas!
  2. It is 4 minutes from Scott's work, which makes for great lunch breaks!
  3. I will work in a nice office environment and wear professional clothes (Maybe I won't like that so much two weeks in...)
  4. The pay is descent. Not great, but good.
  5. I am already scheduled to get 2 weeks off in July for the cruise (and hopefully 1 day of Snowbird :)
It took a while, and I am kind of crazy after having spent 3 months bound up in the apartment, so I am glad to get going! Hopefully I will pick up on the medical terminology quickly!


Shawna said...

I got a call from the Home Health place and told them they wouldn't find a better person for the job--and she replied, "That's what everyone I called has said". Congratulations!! You will be so good for the families and for your employer.
The table looks great--you ARE the luckiest!

Heather said...

HUGE congrats on the table - AND the job! I miss those great lunch break talks with Rick. Soak it up.

Dane and Taylor said...

How exciting! I can't believe you got that table for free. It looks like it is from down east or maybe even pottery barn! And great job on the job... ha ha!

Sandra & Brent said...

Perfect job for you Stef. You'll be great. Intelligence, compassion and a willingness to step into the unknown . . . perfect. Love, Sandra PS Love the table!

Margene said...

We should ne there tomorrow with some of your stuff. We will call you and hope to make connctions. I love your home it is already cute.

Chelsea Owens said...

I LOVE those plate things on the wall. Loooove them. I love your happy life too!