Sunday, March 7, 2010

Movin' in TODAY!!!

We are moving into our new place TODAY! I can't believe we really have somewhere of our own to live! It will be so nice to be just us, in the same place, every day! Wow, the little things! Anyway, we were laughing so hard today thinking about how yes, we are moving in, but we don't even have a bed, couch, kitchen table... none of it! The only furniture are the 2 barstools that come with the townhome :) So if anybody in Utah county has ANY furniture, let us know, we are on the hunt!

We ended up going to St. George Saturday to meet John and SueAnn. They were SO NICE to pack up a bunch of our boxes in the truck and meet us halfway so that we actually have some things to move in! That made for a full day of driving! The truck we drove only has a cassette player, and we only have the first 2 tapes of the Gordon B. Hinckley biography, so we listened to that twice on the way down. If I was getting sleepy, Scott rolled down the window and the snow came in to liven me up!

Dane and Korine had us over for dinner and an Oscars party last night! Our friends take SUCH good care of us. I can't wait until we have a place of our own and can begin to return the kindness! Scott is starting work on Wednesday, and yes, I am still searching. I've been a little busy finding a place to live and watching craigslist for mattresses and things, but hopefully I can focus more on getting a job! Our goal was to have a job and a place to live by March 5, which is the day we accepted the job offer, and signed the contract, so we are HAPPY and recognize the many blessings which are ours.

And in the meantime, we've been dog-sitting Joey. I never thought I would share my pillow with a puppy, or wake up to a dog licking my face. We take her out to go potty several times a day and bring her on outings so she can get out of the house. Wow. I've never met such a high-maintenance dog. Whenever Scott talks about wanting a dog I tell him "you got me!"

Lots of love!


Sandra & Brent said...

Married life, if nothing else, is most certainly an adventure. Congratulations to Scott on the new job and good luck to you, Stef, on the job and furniture hunting. Thanks for visiting my blog. It's nice to know that someone is reading all that blather that I write! Love, Sandra

Whit said...

Haha so fun about Joey. And so exciting about your new place! I can't wait to see it! Let me know if you need any help. I don't work tomorrow! :)

Julie T said...

You're right about having such good friends! And one of the greatest wishes I would give you is to always feel that way about the company you are keeping! The Adventure Continues...

dixiewhitehead said...
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dixiewhitehead said...

Here's the same comment sans the name of my sister and brother-in-law.

My sister and brother-in-law live in Pleasant Grove. I'll email her and see if she knows of any places to rent or cheap furniture to buy and let you know if something turns up. Good luck. Congrats on getting a job, Scott. That's hard to do in these days.

Chelsea Owens said...

Hooray for your happy little life! So happy for you Hathaways!

Rachel said...

I'm so happy that you guys have been blessed with a place to live and a job. Where exactly are you living?
My roommate got a really nice bookshelf for $10 from a garage sale last weekend...maybe you'd have luck going to some of those! :D
It's so fun to hear about the great things that are happening with you guys!

NatalieD said...

Who needs any furniture when you have each other? :)