Monday, March 1, 2010

Still bedless...

Well, here we are in Utah. We are staying with Vess and Angie (They are TOOOO good to us!) and interviewing all over the place. We got here Friday, and Scott and I have both had promising interviews here since then. In fact, my best interview was with an orthodontic office this morning, and Scott is at a follow-up interview with a marketing company in American Fork right now! We are just getting as many interviews/opportunities as possible so we can choose the best offer from there.
But anyway, this was a good weekend to come up! Here is Whitney at her dress-up kickball party:
Yeah, she's intense!
Then Sunday was my friend Valorie's mission farewell. She did such a fantastic job! Her talk on charity made me want to be the best missionary I can be wherever I am. Thank you Val. I just love all my Jerusalem friends!

We had dinner with family last night, and got to visit Scott's mission president and family up in Bountiful too! Tonight we are looking forward to Vess' birthday dinner and party. We are blessed to have such supportive friends and family who love us so much!


Sandra & Brent said...

Hi Steph . . . it's so funny that you commented on my post a minute ago . . . I was embroiled in a technological disaster and that's all that came up initially. I've since corrected it, although I didn't get everything in that I wanted to (check out the edited version of the Minnesota post). Anyway,I'm sure that Brent would love to talk to Scott. I'll go into Facebook and leave his cell phone number in your messages. Glad that life is sweet for you. Love, Sandra

Julie T said...

I used to love kickball; but haven't played since 6th grade over 40 years ago!