Monday, October 11, 2010

Thanksgiving Point

I don't know how in the world I ended up golfing at Thanksgiving Point on Saturday.

Thanks to 1 on 1 Marketing, Scott and I joined two of his co-workers for 18 holes. I think my memory of winnning a golf trophy as a 9 year old gave me a bit too much confidence. Lets be honest, I was pretty bad. But Scott... why didn't anybody tell me he is such a great golfer!

Dane and Korine let us borrow their clubs, gloves and shoes- we were totally official. Maybe I wasn't the best golfer after all, but at least I looked good, right?

It was really a beautiful course. We loved spending the day outside, surrounded by greenery and big mountains.

We worked up an appetite and ended the day with Olive Garden's never ending pasta bowl!

Yum :)


Julie T said...

Another great new adventure! Golf is such a fickle sport-mom got two holes in one and even after that hit ridiculous, terrible shots no one would want to claim!
Love the new banner, and I still can't believe you made that purple dress!

Noelle said...

Oh my gosh, are you serious? You look like a TOTALLY official golfer in your new argyle sweat-eh. Nice work. I don't think I've ever golfed 18 holes. The only golfing I've ever done was with Andrea B and Brian Brinkerhoff. Why don't you google it.

Margene said...

I would never even go golfing. I would even wreck the golf cart, Dennis wouldn't even want me in the same game as him, he would be really embrassed.