Friday, October 22, 2010

Cuisinart Griddler Grill from Costco

A few weeks ago I made a big mistake. I put the "lower plate" in the "upper part" of my favorite kitchen tool- the Cuisinart Griddler Grill. It got stuck. Very stuck. So stuck that 3+ hours of pulling, pushing, reading the manual word for word and troubleshooting online didn't even help.

So I took it into Costco and didn't even have to tell my story. She took it right back and gave me Costco cash for $74.62. I was pleased as punch! They didn't have the same exact product anymore, so I took the newer model for the same price.

(Original Source for photo here)
Heats up quickly
Brushed metal doesn't show fingerprints
Cooks evenly
Can be used for chicken, fish, burgers, steak, and delicious panini sandwiches. Even eggs, pancakes and french toast! Oh and it does great with veggies too!
Built in drip tray
Ridged and flat reversible and removable plates (for easy clean up)
Plates are dishwasher safe
Plates can clamp together, or lay flat to become a griddle
Big enough for cooking space, small enough to store easily
Seals in the juices in meat
Much better than our George Foreman
Handle doesn't get too hot
Great temperature control

NONE yet!

CLICK HERE to find it at Costco- best price around!

You won't regret putting this at the tip top of your Christmas wish list!


Janssen said...

Curse you for making me NEEEEEEED another kitchen appliance!

Anonymous said...

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