Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Very Small Sampling- Vietnam style!

I have had big plans for this great blog post highlighting each country of our Asian adventure. But, I never seem to finish the post, so I'll do just a few highlights of VIETNAM today!
(Vietnam is tied for my favorite Asian country, fyi)

First of all, the street food. We would just explore from sun up to sun down, and stop along the road for some food when hungry!

and... the beaches were awesome!

Aerobics in the streets downtown

Oh, the PHO! We ate here 3 times in 2 days. It tastes even better than it looks, if that's possible...

These boys were the cutest. The chunky one by my shoulder took a special liking to Scott. He launched all the boys off his shoulders and splashed around with them in the South China Sea. And then the boys brought me a "boquet" of seaweed. Too sweet :)

Oh there is SOOOO much more to tell about Vietnam. From the fragrances and crazy "moto" drivers in in Ho Chi Mihn City to the tailoring shops in Hoi An to the breathtaking Ha Long Bay and water puppeteering in Hanoi, I LOVE Vietnam! And to think we didn't even make it to the dunes in the south, or village town Sapa a bit inland. I can't WAIT to return to Vietnam one day!

a few extras:

fitting for shirts...

And here I am by a Vietnamese bush. I actually remember thinking, "Mom would love this plant, we'd better take a pic." But see my face? While everything was absolutely fantastic, I still got tired sometimes. Tired of walking, tired of trying to speak Vietnamese, tired of people trying to rip me off because I'm white. Just to give you a little perspective.

movies for .50 cents a pop!!!

Our junk boat on Ha Long Bay!

Looooooove Vietnam!!!

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Covey and Kelsey Cole said...

Oh my goodness this post is amazing!! I definitely want to see more of your incredible trip!