Friday, July 26, 2013

More Sammamish Fun

My good friend Jessica was so sweet to have us for dinner.  It was a lot of fun to reconnect and introduce her to T!  We had some WILD times in high school. Wild, I tell you!
I got overwhelmed with not knowing the details of our immediate future, so Scott sent me for some alone time and a carmel apple spice.  I feel lucky every day to have Scott!
Knock off Toms!  I'm glad to have shoes that function like flats, but I can wear without socks. Win.
This girl is a daredevil.  
She must remember watching Grandma talk on the phone while doing other things.  If I'm doing other things I just put my phone on speaker!
Giving Bella tickles.  She love LOVED Bella.  Bella didn't even like her back.  Poor T just wants to give loves to Bella and Tilly, but they both like to bite her back.
One of her fav things was trying out all the kid toys at REI.  She has that papa of her's wrapped around her finger!
More good days in Sammamish!


Heather said...

So cute! Glad you got those knock offs - are they comfy? Can you make it so your posts email to me when you publish? I don't use reader anymore.

Chelsea said...

Love your list! And great job for not being a nail biter anymore! Look how much fantastic you are becoming!