Thursday, July 25, 2013

Scenes from Sammamish

We had such a wonderful time in Sammamish during the month of June.  My parents went to Ireland and England for 1 month, leaving us to house-sit.  It was dreamy.  

They have this program through the city where you can check out these "Dasani bikes" for free and take them around Marymoor park.  It was up to us to convert a jogging stroller into a bike trailer :)  We did 2 or 3 remodels on the trailer attachment, but the first effort ended up being the best!
T loved getting into all of Besta's things.  (Everything is safe and well, mom!) She is an explorer, that girl!
T and I had fun reliving my childhood watching shows like Muppet Classic Theater.  Let me tell you, it is classic!
Which of these cookies look better to you?
or B:  
Really, I want to know!

I'm already missing our nights above the lake.
And morning walks.

Oh and T's favorite thing of all time:  Riding fast down the length of the deck, and back again.  About a hundred times!
The Sammamish Farmer's Market offered some of the best cherries of my life!
We are so glad it worked out for both of us to have us at the house during June!  We had a great time!

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Heather said...

It was a win win situation. So glad you had a great stay in Samm.