Monday, July 1, 2013

San Juan Islands, WA

We had the best day.
If you're in the area, I'd recommend you take a day for the San Juan Islands.  The ferry was a thrill (For all of us) Rouche Harbor was a highlight, and the beauty of the islands is unbeatable.  
Cute Jake.  He is SUCH a good boy.
Sisters with our baby girls :)  A stranger on deck even approached us and said she knew we were sisters because she could sense our "special bond."  That was a proud moment for me :)

Bocche ball!

This girl was WILD out on deck.  It's a full time job to chase her around these days.

Pondering life.  Next time, we'd love to rent kayaks and take them out through here.  

Caterpillar land!!

I love this pic so much!  Such sweet frienemies :)
Noelle is a great Auntie!

Clearly, everyone is concerned about getting their fair share of ice cream :)

I would guess we memorized 20/25 of our scripture masteries one year while sewing our happy heart quilts together.  Such great memories and reunion with the Bastians!


Melanie said...

Between this post and Noelle's post, I'm convinced that if I'm ever in the Pacific Northwest, I need to make it out to the San Juan Islands!

Noelle said...

That "special bond" comment was so funny. I love all the photos from this day. The colors are so bright and vibrant it just leaves me with warm fuzzies all over. Thanks so much for coming up so we could make this possible. I'm so glad we got to share it together (and that happy hearts could have a reunion.....)

Heather said...

Jake is a little angel. GLad you got such a gorgeous day to explore here.

Chelsea said...

Superb quilt!