Monday, October 7, 2013

Kayaking on the Hudson

We'd heard that there is free kayaking on the Hudson, but didn't know many details.  Luckily our trusty adventure friends the Scott's joined us anyway-- and it worked out just great!  We skipped the line, took our babies out, paddled around the harbor, had a little picnic and called it a great day!

The kids did great on the boats.  We weren't even sure they'd be allowed on, but they were and they had a lot of fun!  I was worried we would be wrestling T and trying to prevent her from flailing overboard, but she stayed very still in her spot.  And then she started waving to fellow kayakers.  That girl...

The volunteers at the boathouse were so sweet to the kids.  They brought out otter pops (who doesn't love those!?!) and even gave them each a toy!

 Ryker is always making T laugh!
 We're so glad to be reunited with our friends! Stay tuned for fun/violent photos of us at Scott's birthday party :)

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Julie T said...

Sigh-...whine..."You guys always have so much fun!"