Wednesday, October 16, 2013

NYC as a Tourist

Scott had class the first day the girls were here.  So, I mustered up the Subway Leader inside of me and took them to Shake Shack (it's still good!) and over to Central Park.  T ate almost all the fries and at least half the chocolate shake.  Oh geez.
Presenting the Princess:
On the walk over to the lake, Christina and I voted SueAnn to be our rower.  :)  It was tough in the beginning, but she got the hang of it in no time.
We relieved her of her calling just a few minutes in.  SueAnn REALLY loves being a Grandma.  And this is one of my favorite pictures of T and Christina!
Our group shot in Central Park.  The forecast kept predicting rain from about Wed - Sun but it never came!  It sprinkled one day, but we packed our rain coats and umbrellas every day for nothing!

Every time we go out there is some new adventure or thrill for T girl.  We really do have a rich life here in NYC.  There is so much to explore and experience.  

And, if you come to see us, we will no doubt take you to Chelsea Market.  Probably on your first day.  We really love tasting the variety of food and wandering the Highline before eating the goodness.  

T is basically a hipster now:
Our don't-miss-it food item so far is the Lobster Bisque from The Lobster Place, but we also adore Num Pang Sandwich shop, the pasta place up front (Chocolate ravioli, are you serious?) and Amy's bread.  Oh, and Scott really loves the chocolate milk at the Milk Bar.  Well let's be honest, we all do. 
A good solid day in the city!


Stefanie Hathaway said...

Good pictures babe. From Scott

Noelle said...

I love that bubble pic! Great one! It looks like a fabulous time. Any issues with the govt shut down?