Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Warning: NO PHOTOS in this post

Yep, it's true.  Most of my day to day photos are on Insta these days, but I still do value a venue to write... so, without further ado:

I spoke too soon.  T cried on and off through all of (our informal) nursery class today.  Her first Sunday is coming up, and now I'm nervous.  The moms in there today said that she couldn't be put down and was whiny/weepy the entire hour.  OH GREAT.  2 months ago, even 1 month ago she was fine, and now that nursery is here she gets all attached.  The other moms are really sweet saying they've all been through it "Just leave her."  And so I did.  But my yoga practice wasn't as relaxing today.

I know many of you asked what day to day life is like in NYC.  I've been trying to pay attention to give you something new and different... but there isn't THAT much new and different about daily life.  Walking everywhere is the biggest thing.  2 miles to the grocery store?  No big.  Across 5 avenues to get to your destination instead of waiting for a bus on the weekend? (Weekend schedules are very unpredictable.)  No big.  You need to mail a large package at the post office?  You walk.  Balancing the package with a stroller.  So mostly it requires planning ahead and not feeling sorry for yourself.  As long as you do those things, everything is peachy :)  I feel really REALLY lucky to have laundry in our building so that I can just go down 3 floors to switch loads instead of camping out at the laundromat with my toddler for 3 hours. That makes a big difference.

Speaking of the post office, I went there today to pick up a package.  There were 6 people in front of me in line, I thought "Not too bad..."  T had a few snacks left and I was really on a roll singing songs with actions. But then I saw the man behind the counter *literally* walking as slow as a turtle to get one parcel at a time.  And re-checking about 7 ID's per person. And to pass a package through to the owner, the post man had to push several codes and lift a few levers because of all the bullet proof glass.  Everyone in line was getting vocally frustrated. I was worried there would be an outbreak.  People get crazy.  Including T.  And including me.  It really was ridiculous. In all, we waited an hour and fifteen minutes for only 6 people to get their packages.  It's crazy business!

You know all the blogs that give "DIY decorations on the cheap?"  Well I need DIY decorations for FREE.  I'm really tired of our front room having barely any decor.  I'm about to get really creative and hopefully not too tacky since my budget is literally zero.  I've tried to slip some money from other departments into the decor budget, it's not really working out.  Here goes nothing!

And lastly, we are having soup tonight.  I think I better get my rear in gear and go carve another mini pumkin so I can serve our sausage tortellini soup in pumpkins!  And also?  Is it okay to call it "sausage" tortellini soup if i'm using ground beef with lots of flavor?  I went to 3 different stores in search of Italian sausage and still found none!  I'm sure it will all work out :)


Claire said...

Whoa...if Idaho has italian sausage surely NYC has italian sausage. Have you used it before? haha sorry it's just that it's the last thing you said so it was on my mind. But I love hearing your stories, even if there are no pictures.
One fun way to decorate is to use greeting cards. When Thanksgiving and Christmas come around sometimes I pull out old holiday cards (or you could buy christmas cards EARLY and use them as decor and then send them when the time comes. haha!) and display them

Chelsea said...

Good job sticking to a budget missy. Way to go. :) Not lots of people do that !

Tara said...

I totally understand the zero budget thing. I'm sure it's hard to have gone from having an income to being a student again :(

My kids have had a hard time in nursery too. It's 18 months, such a cursed age! We should petition to have it moved up to 15 months. Not even joking! (well, kind of).