Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tatum's 18 month Update

At least 20 strangers took Tatum's picture at Central Park last week. 20% ask, 80% don't, generally speaking.  This woman did ask.  And for payment, she stood behind me waving and laughing and acting like a goon to get T to smile for 5 minutes :)  WIN.

One man I passed in a corner market told me that "her hair must've been spun with GOLD!"
 She is reading for much longer periods of time these days.  She is only getting more and more fun as she understands and responds to things going on around her.  T is a lot of fun to have around! (Would I have said this last month during her SCREAMING phase?  Probably not. But we loved her then too!)
 Today on the subway, she was hanging out in her stroller, smiling and waving when the lady across from us says to her friend in Spanish (assuming we couldn't understand her) "So, do you want to procreate?" 
Our little lady is an ambassador for the family unit!  Proud mama right here!
Anything with a strap is a purse for our little girl.  Grocery bags, air mattress case, library tote.  Anything.  She stows her chapstick, sometimes her kitty beanie baby, or a shoe in her purse.  When I try to release her pincer grasp to go out for the day, I hear about it!!

We were watching a show with her the other night and when a scary-ish part came on, she started biting her nails!  It looked to us like a cause/effect relationship.  Ah, she comes by it honestly.

This little ham turns 18 months in 2 weeks and we are she is incredibly excited for nursery!  I've left her in the nursery with ~10 other kids during a mid-week yoga class at the church and she's done just fine.  I have no qualms about dropping her off and leaving her there until 2pm!  I know she'll have such fun copying the other kids, singing songs and especially having snacks.  But I do wish she'd miss me just a little!
Seriously, SUCH a ham.
Speaking of church, today during Sunday School she found a pink scooter against the wall.  She decided her calling in life was to roll and stand and push and scoot that scooter all around.  I had no idea that at 1.5 years, babies are already riding scooters.  What???

And following in my sisters' footsteps, some word art:
We are so lucky to have Tatum in our lives.  She is really a joy and she gives my life meaning and purpose.


Claire said...

She looks like such a sweetie :) I bet New Yorkers don't see kids all that often, so many people must love her!

Noelle said...

Yay!! She's sleeping in her crib?! I love your word art, they are so fun to remember the stages. She is so photogenic, and I love that all those people are sneaking pictures of her. The girl did a great job getting her to smile. You need to get that one photo up on canvas!! The fall leaves and the expression are gorgeous!

Julie T said...

By that one, you mean the third from the end, don't you? I need a 4x6 of that one please! And she slept in her regular crib last night?? This is a momentous breakthrough! I hope you celebrated! Great update!

Amy (naptimecrafters) said...

Such a cutie! Will has been going through a screaming phase too but he's suddenly starting to learn more words and that's helping so there is hope :) He unfortunately does not love nursery but we're working on it!

kp said...

I'm impressed that after only a few months in CR, you learned the word "procreate." What kind of Spanish were you learning?!

Scott said...

Um babe, when you said the asian lady wanted to take a picture with her, I thought you were talking about a snapshot. Why is she doing a photo shoot with that stranger? Weird!