Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Favorite Things

First of all, I just want to say that I've saved this post as a draft for several weeks, waiting to come up with really quality products -truly my favorite things- to share.  And this is it folks:

*All photos for this post came from Google Images
Maybelline Gold Nail Polish- found here
I got this about 1.5 years ago for my birthday from a good friend.  My first use I put it on me and Tatum, and immediately fell in love!  I used it all through Costa Rica, through the summer, fall, the holidays- it is such a great color and sheen!  I only paint my toenails, so I don't know how much it chips or peels on fingernails, but it works GREAT on toenails!  Once winter hit I thought I better try a new/darker color, and just change things up a bit.  So I wore a neutral for about two weeks and felt pangs of loss every time I looked at my toes! (Dramatic, I know.) As of yesterday I'm back to gold and feeling great!

Cuisinart Hand Blender  - found here

Morning smoothies make life worth living.  There are a lot of other things that make life worth living too, but mango, strawberries, juice and yogurt mixed up in the morning is high on the list!  I never ever dreamed a little hand blender would be up to the challenge, but it is!!  My sister Noelle encouraged me to do this and I've never looked back.  I just put my frozen mango and berries in that little cup, defrost for about 60, add my juice and yogurt, blend on high for about 30 seconds and Im suddenly in heaven!  And, it is incredibly easy to clean.  And then blending cup is microwave safe. Its a one cup wonder.  Defrost, blend, eat all out of the same cup.  I used to feel bad about buying (what I thought of as expensive) frozen berries and juice, they are luxuries! But then I looked at the price of cereal and realized that a smoothie a day is actually a cost effective breakfast when you live in NYC.

Stroller Hooks.  Found here for $17

I use these ALL THE TIME.  Every day, multiple times each day.  If I were to price out how much it cost for each use, I'd probably come up with negative number! ;)  Some people love the giant carabiner (The "mommy hook" I think) but I love having 2 smaller, one on each side.  And you wouldn't believe the kind of weight these things carry.  My stroller IS my car here, and these hooks have been through a lot and performed perfectly.  I like having 2 so I can distribute the weight across my stroller for big loads or just strap my purse into both for extra security or ease of access.  These things are great.  The end.


Julie T said...

I love that you post your Favorite Things! I learn something cool every time you do. I am committed to getting the Bold Gold next time I many coats did you use on your fingernails? And I agree about the smoothies in the Cuisinart Hand Blender! I also throw in a handful of chopped spinach usually that I've frozen for 2 of my daily veggie servings. Can't even tell it's in there except for the Shrekky color!

Betsy said...

Fun things!! I'm glad you linked up :)