Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patricks Day 2014

We almost wimped out of the St. Patrick's Day parade since the temperature is still well below freezing (we are dying here!!) but in an effort to embrace NYC life, I got our gear together and hauled that baby down the subway steps.  And I'm glad I did!

The were several school groups who came from Ireland to perform in the parade!  Baton twirlers and the brass band!  There were in fact several red heads in those groups, and all very positive looking despite the cold.  I said "Happy St. Patricks Day" to a spirited parent chaperone... he looked right back at me and said "Thank you.  Tap o' De Mahrnin to ye!"  I'd say I have good luck for a year.  For sure.
I arrived to the parade route (up 5th avenue) after the start time, and still got a front row viewing spot!  Waaaay better than the Thanksgiving Day parade!  No floats, but there were still lots of cool things- ROTC guys doing pushups, school bands, professional bands, kilt-wearers, women's groups in kelly green shawls and boas, Miss New York, a giant apple (?)  A group of at least 1000+ NYPD officers, Irish-American groups waving giant flags... it was a lot of fun!  After watching for an hour, I put Tatum back in her stroller but she begged me for "MORE!! More MORE!!" so I put her on my shoulders and stayed a while longer.  I was freezing.

On our walk back to the 1 train, we approached an intersection right as an NYPD officer grabbed a WASTED teenager, picked him up and literally threw him to the ground.  With all his force.  I have never seen anything like it.  It was kind of incredible.  Tatum looked up at me and just said "Wow."  Wow was right.  The kid must have been 3-4 feet off the ground before he hit the pavement.  Trouble I tell ya.

I just finished prepping the corned beef (I cross my fingers every time hoping it will work out, even though I've made it several times now) and now I'm off to set up a little leprechaun hunt for the bug when she gets up from her nap.  Scott and I both have Irish blood, and with 2 red heads in the family already, I have a feeling we'll collect more and more good St. Paddy's Day memories!


Chelsea said...

what a great memory! Glad you share such great details and moments. :D

Tara said...

So fun! we were definitely sporting snow pants for the festivities in Chicago. So cold!