Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Reflections on New York after 6 months as a Local

I would say that I consider it a privilege to live in NYC. 
When we first found out we were moving here I was less than thrilled.  
And I do still understand that reaction- it is a whole new life here.   But that said, I have come to love it here and embrace the craziness and awesomeness that is New York City.
This city is the hub of life!  It seems that whatever your passion is -theater, sewing, finance, technology, rap, fashion- whatever you love, this is the central place for it!  

Just last week we were walking down near 59th and Broadway and I looked up and just thought, "How did I end up here?  Is this for real?"  I was telling Scott that I imagine that thrill will never wear off.  Scott on the other hand feels like New York is his home.  I think he just really loves it. We agree (for now) that we won't be "lifers" here, but we are sure enjoying it while we have the chance!  

The thing I probably love most about living here is being surrounded by people who are go-getters.  People who are chasing their dreams.  Living here isn't easy.  It's not for the faint of heart.  People that make it to NYC have my respect.  They are people striving for that dream role on broadway, workers who want to take their careers to the next step, people who want more out of life!  Generally speaking, the people I associate with and even the people I merely walk past on the street, they are people who aren't simply content with the way things are.  They are trying to build a bigger, brighter life.  It is pretty inspiring!

I would consider the New York life far more similar to living abroad than being in the States.  Of course, everything depends on what neighborhood you live in, your proximity to the locations you care about, and the quality of food you like to eat.  We love living by the river.  It has made all the difference helping me feel like I don't live in a concrete jungle, even though I do.  We are in a primarily dominican neighborhood, I do feel like a minority in terms of race in my neighborhood.  Just 1 block away is Broadway, the hustle and bustle.  Living close to a subway stop is a TOTAL must.  I feel like I can be in midtown or downtown with T fairly quickly- it doesn't ever stop me from going out.  

I think everyone should live in New York sometime in their lives.  I have learned so much about the world we live in, been exposed to such a variety of people and things, and just had my eyes opened to greater possibilities.  We have made lots of good friends through church and through my neighborhood mommy group.  We feel so lucky to have friends we can invite over on short notice, and even friends who understand my competitive nature and still come over for game nights :)  It is kind of crazy to think about all the people we wouldn't know if we had chosen another school/location.


Jessica Holly said...

I agree with this! I'm glad we lived there even if it was only three months!

VessandAngie said...

such a great post! so glad you guys are loving it :)