Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Unbelievable Part 3

You already know I shop at Trader Joes.  Its about 20-25 minutes away but so worth it.  The only tricky part is getting my baby and my groceries up the stairs at my stop, luckily 72nd street (where TJ's is, has an elevator!)
On my last trip, I got off the subway at my station.  I reached the bottom of the staircase and started looking around, deciding who to ask to help me lift the stroller.  All of a sudden this guy is in my face saying "I just can't believe how SELFISH you are!"  I was thinking "What on earth are you talking about? Is he crazy?  Is he even talking to me?  What could I possibly be doing that is selfish?!?"
I think he saw my confused look and went on, "I just can't believe you would shop at a store down the line, when there's plenty of grocery stores right off your stop!  No, you go do all your fancy shopping and then rely on the kindness of a stranger to help you get home.  Just SELFISH.  (insert lots of mumbling...)"  I was pretty much in shock and had no comment back to him.  In retrospect I can think of a few things to say, but he caught me so off guard that I just stood there.  And then I got to thinking, "Is he right?  Is this selfish?"  I've decided that asking a favor of a stranger is not selfish, but rather something humans do.  People are going up the stairs anyway, and honestly, I carry 90% of the weight in the back of the stroller.  And, I only do it once every 2 weeks or so.  Anybody with me?  Am I selfish?

I was in line at Old Navy today when the man behind me said urgently, "I really need a favor, will you do it for me???"  and so I replied "What do you need?" (Truly asking what he wanted before I agreed to help...)  Anyway, he hands me his ~15 items of athletic clothes as he runs off, shouting behind him, "I need to go put money in the meter or I'll get a parking ticket!  Hold my place in line and my stuff!"  Ummmm... that was weird. So there I stood, with a few items myself, and a stroller with a crying baby and a yoga mat. I wasn't really in a great position to be handling strangers' shopping dilemmas.  I found a nearby bag and put his items inside and then rested it on the ground, moving it forward with me in line.  When he got back, he was alarmed to see me holding only my own items, frantically looking for his things.  I pointed to his bag of merchandise on the ground and he looked at me like I'd thrown his remote control in the mud.  So awed that I needed my hands to find a pack of fruit snacks and zip up my kid's coat... Unbelievable.  

Yesterday on the subway, the man sitting opposite me pulled out not one, not two, but THREE pill boxes, each full.  He emptied all the Tuesday pills from each case into his cupped hand and pounded them all at once! It was SO unbelievable!  They looked like large pills on their own, but to take 3 pillboxes worth together? Amazing!

Also unbelievable:  How delicious this lobster roll was in Bridgeport, CT last weekend.  It is high on the list of best things I've ever eaten.  Tender, fresh lobster simmered in butter, stuffed full into a quality, toasted roll.  Nothing fancy and not much technique, just GOOD ingredients and GOOD flavor.  


Kali and JT said...

Oh I am so sorry- this sounds way way way too familiar. Reminds me of the time I was helping a guy jump his car at Target in NJ and he yelled at me the entire time!! Come on northeast, get your act together!

Claire said...

I don't even know what to say about that first guy - it's like his behavior toward you is totally inexcusable, judging you like that, and he obviously has some serious pre-existing issues with I don't know, rich people or small business owners that he feels the need to defend. Who knows, I'm glad you document these things though! So interesting to read and I'm glad you're having good experiences too - that lobster roll looks amazing!

Julie T said...

Dear Selfish,

That man in the subway would not like to meet your mother. I happen to believe that's part of the reason we're here on earth to smooth the path for each other and help each other out. He's really missing the boat in my opinion. Glad you got such a good treat with that lobster roll. Lobster is so rich I think I would really like it a lot better with bread.