Wednesday, August 6, 2014

2 Weeks Out West

I've been "out west" for just over 2 weeks. Here are a few highlights:

John and Maria's wedding in San Diego! (mostly busy harnessing Tatum instead of taking good snaps of the bride and groom...)

Biking Coronado island

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Picking blueberries in Bellingham, WA.

Lake day with cousins

Campfire with Besta and Grampy


Goofing around with Noelle

Many California beach days

Glen Ivy hot springs with SueAnn

Outdoor play "Hairspray" in Redlands

Reunion with an elementary school friend

Picking raspberries, tomatoes and carrots in the backyard
Church in my old home ward
and maybe the best of all-
The convenience of life in the west!

I feel so spoiled being able to drive point to point to my destination, and not carrying my groceries home. It's pretty nice.  But NYC is pretty nice too and I'm be glad to be home.  Tatum just logged her 31st flight - kind of a lot for being 26 months old.  I like flying with her better when Scott is with us too.  Thank goodness for the ipad!!!

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kp said...

Is sprinkles as good as it's rumored? And M just logged her 23rd flight. Catch up Tatum :) We'll easily have 31 in another year. Do you keep a log book? We have the pilot sign it every flight with the mileage.