Friday, August 15, 2014

One Year in The Big Apple

It has been a YEAR!
In a lot of ways it feels like a year.  And then it also feels like it just flew by.  
We have really experienced a lot of the city and I am proud to be a New Yorker.  
This city is hard, expensive and really incredible.  

Check out how much T has grown in just a year-

 August 2013:
August 2014:
You can see her a little better in this pic-- I didn't realize she was so little when we came!  

There is an instagrammer @whyilovenewyorkcity that goes around the city and photographs people and then tells their story- what brought them to the city, why they love it/hate it, turning points, what they do day to day, etc.  I thought about what I'd say if I ever ran into him, and here's the little bio I came up with:

I came to New York City for my husband to attend Columbia University.  It wasn't my first choice school, because who wants to live in a busy, smelly, crowded, crazy humid and deathly cold place?  But I came here ready to explore, with hopes of a dishwasher in an elevator building.  And with those things, I tackled day to day life with my little girl in this big city.  And boy have we grown to love it! After navigating lots of changes and learning the ropes of city life for a few weeks, we met some old friends in Bryant Park for an after-dark picnic by the fountain.  Looking up at those glistening buildings towering over us on all sides felt for the first time, like home.  Our kids chased each other and we laughed over take-out like old times, but now in this new, enchanting city.  From that moment alone, I knew I'd hit the jackpot in getting to spend at least two years in the best city on earth.

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Margene said...

I love your essay on New York and you. Why you came and how you grew to love it, just like it is. New York is New York what else can you say about it. I would love to come and visit you this following year and see the real New York.