Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bangkok update

Bangkok has given us many adventures and MANY laughs so far :) We are LOVING the mango sticky rice but the tuk tuk drivers make us crazy. We've figured out the public transportation: train, boat, and skytrain...

Yesterday we saw many wats (golden shrines) and went to the famous Saturday market. We could have spent an entire day in th emarket, it was HUGE! There were 2 funny stories yesterday that I will have to post later, one involving the police, and one about us missing our bus. Oh man, that was CRAZY funny :)

We are getting tired of big city life, it takes a lot out of us to haggle drivers all day and find our way to all our new places. We got to church today but it was in Thai. The missionaries translated for us though, so at least we knew what was going on. They fed us after church, it was SUPER spicy so the elders gave me coconut cookies to calm my mouth down! Now we are treating Sunday as a day of rest. Scott LOVES his "Bourne Deception" book and I do internet in my free time! Until next time!


Julie T said...

Let's be honest: unless you go and crash in one place (say my favorite- Hawaii!) traveling is a lot of work and very tiring. You are definitely going to need a vacation from your vacation! Good luck with that one! (Better plan on recovering on the two days return trip!) How's your hand?

Noelle said...

Hi Stef and Scott! I am so glad you love the mango and sticky rice! how nice of them to feed you after church, the coconut cookies sound scrumptious. I am excited for you to come back to the states when we can actually talk on the phone. Until then, live it up and enjoy EVERY minute you have there. We wish all the time we could go back, if even for ten days!
Phil & Noelle

Noelle said...

Hey Guys,
I am sure the haggling wears you out. It will be fun to hear more of your stories. Take Care!

Marianne said...

I'm loving the updates. What a perfect honeymoon for you two!