Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Last weekend (I guess 2 weekends ago actually) we went to EDEN. It really was like Eden. Sunny, great friends, great food, great relaxation, great games, great sleepovers, and GREAT wakeboarding/slalom skiing :) unfortunately, we don't have many pics from boating, since others had waterproof cameras we opted to use instead. I'll get them someday :)
Welcome to the KITCHEN cabin:
Scott mastered jumping over the wake on the wakeboard, and I am basically a pro on the slalom ski by now :)
After a day on the lake, we went to EDEN EATS for dinner. Yum :)And then we took some more pictures...JustForFun!

Thanks for having a birthday Angie, and thanks for inviting us to your party :)

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Whit said...

Aw! I wish I was there with you guys... :( Glad you had fun, though! Miss you all!