Sunday, August 8, 2010

Friend Hopping!

We spent the morning relaxing, baking cupcakes and a pie, and preparing for church. Scott gave a lesson in Priesthood, and I did a little Visiting teaching pitch in Relief Society.

After church, James and Kylie invited us over for lunch! We saw their wedding pics and I remembered how good Rhodes rolls are J

Then we ran off to a nursing home in Orem to meet Vess and Angie. Angie took us through to meet all her friends- she is a recreation leader there. Some old, Hispanic lady in a wheel chair asked Scott (in Spanish) to take her out front. Apparently she wanted a little sun… So Scott gladly rolled her out. As he came back in the front doors, the receptionist asked, “Do you know her?” When Scott answered “no…,” the receptionist quickly went out to get the patient. Turns out she is crazy, and Scott helped her escape!

Rachel and Chris had us over for dinner! We have literally been trying to connect for over 3 months, but it has just never worked out. Aubrianne and Ryan joined us for dinner too, and then we had a killer game of Nertz. It’s so funny that Chris and I were such good friends in Jerusalem, and Scott and Rachel were friends on their study abroad to Spain! We are excited for Chris and Rachel to get married in October!

Next, we stopped by Dane and Korine’s just to chat. Korine was babysitting Adam, a boy she used to nanny in California, so it was fun to see him again.

Today is a day I like to call, “Friend hopping.” But tomorrow, back to work.

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