Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cruisin' Alaska!

We're BACK! We had such a fabulous cruise through alaska, here are some highlights:
Reuniting with the people I love and miss! Bryan came straight from Brasil, Heather from her new diggs in Indiana, and Noelle from Columbus, Ohio!
We soaked in the scenery (and the SUN) in all 3 Alaskan ports: Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway.
We played Pedro day and night. Literally.
We hiked to Otter's cove in Skagway where Noelle and Phil both plunged into the glacial water for a monetary prize neither Scott nor I deemed "worth it!"
We ate at a fantastic restaurant almost every meal. The food on a cruise ship is a MAJOR attraction.
(This is a dress I made. This experience is definitely worthy of it's own post- so hopefully I'll get that up soon. But until then, just know that I'm glad I did it, but wouldn't do it again! Sewing silk on your first project is a nightmare.)
Here is more of the fantastic food. And this is only the dessert bar!

We loved our first port city- Ketchikan! So tiny and quaint! We got up early to scope out the town before breakfast. It was great to beat the 2,000 person rush!

We also went to the logging show in Ketchikan! Totally fun! We saw the lumberjacks walk on logs, climb trees, saw very fast and throw axes... good fun!

Scott workin' his thing:

As much as we love the Whitehead children, it was SO NICE not to have them running around all the time and requiring all our energy and attention! We love Rick and Heather, and a BIG shout out goes to Rick's parents George and Dixie for watching the little ones!

It was so great to reconnect with my cousin Carrie and her husband Jason- so fun to have them and Ken and Kathy aboard the big ship!

Oh mealtime. We LOVED Donaldo the waiter/busboy who cated to our non-alcoholic tastes :)

Can you find the Photo-Bomber?

This was at the very start of the trip when we were docked in Seattle. LOVE my sisters!!!

A few more pics for your viewing pleasure:

The Tracy Arm Fjord:

I couldn't resist putting in one last shot of the dress. Maybe one day I will feel that it was worth it!!!
Now we are back to work in American Fork. We've been up to SLC every day since we've been back at the Tanner family Reunion/Snowbird- an annual celebration of family!
Love to you all,
Stefanie and Scott


Steve and Jess said...

Steph that looks SO fun! OH my...that dress is stunning! I'm seriously so impressed with you! You look beautiful!

Dixie said...

Your dress turned out great! How daring to sew on silk for your first dress. Great pictures.

Shawna said...

I'm so glad it was a fabulous trip. The dress is beautiful and you WILL be glad you made it and have bragging rights. XXOO

NatalieD said...

Love the dress! Glad you had a great trip.