Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer FUN :)

I just realized that I never wrote about our fun day at Seven Peaks! We had about 25 cousins there, just playing all day! It was lucky that Nathan convinced me to do the tallest, straight down scary one first, or I may have never gone for it. But actually, I probably would have. Anyway, it was a lot easier that way. Allie and Emily were so great- fun times ladies!

Also, this strawberry drink was delish. And so easy too! Notice the wide straw (special thanks to mom, our summer drinks get this special feature!)

Enjoy the last bit of summer!!!


Allison Tanner said...

Seven Peaks was so much fun! I love our week of snowbird!! I am moving back to provo very soon, so i think it is time for another cousin party soon! love you!

Chelsea Owens said...

Looks like life is grand for you two of course! Summer is the best! And you know what else is the best... that girl's tie dye shirt! I LOVE tie dye. Did she do it herself? It's pretty excellent.

Allison Tanner said...

this is stef's cousin (the girl in the tie dye shirt). and yep i did it myself with a kit from walmart! glad you like it :)