Monday, November 1, 2010

We got duped.

We thought the closest place to find bison was Yellowstone.

Well, we got duped.
There are currently ~750 heads of Bison/Bull just over an hour from our house.

I can barely believe it. We've been talking about
Antelope Island
since we started dating, and this weekend, finally found ourselves there!
If you don't make it to the Great Salt Lake any time soon, just know that it smells exactly like a Porta-Potty. Exactly.

What a great day to be alive :)


Heather said...

Scott's ninja pic is awesome! I think the methane smell from all the bison poop actually makes the sunsets gorgeous. No lie. The stink pretties up the nighttime sky.

Glad you made it to Antelope Island!

NatalieD said...

Did you have a close encounter with any brine flies? I was there this summer and the flies were out in full force. Maybe they enjoy the smell.