Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It was SUNNY!

One of Scott's bold U-turns got a BUNCH of rocks/gravel in the front right tire/break pad? I'm not super sure on the details. All I know is that the boys got really tense and took the wheel off and made me go for a walk. I was asking too many questions. Oops.
Our pre-hike meal. I am so SO proud of Katrina for doing all this at 4.5 months pregnant. Wow, impressive!

And there it is: Angels Landing. (Thanks Josh and Katrina for the hiking/ice pole. It helped a LOT.) I was surprised how easy this hike felt. Perhaps the Bryce hike the day before prepared me for this one. Usually I would have been TIRED OUT with all those switchbacks and the steeeeeep paths. But it was weird, we all kind of just chugged along!
On the way down one of these switchbacks (called Walter's Wiggles), I told Scott "I'm gonna just sit and slide down this!" Right at that moment, my feet slipped from under me and I went down on my bum whether I liked it or not! Good think I had already accepted it :)

Really a beautiful view! Have any of you done Angels Landing? I had no idea what I was getting into- it is treacherous up there! There are just breaks in the chain when there are sheer cliffs on both sides. It was terrifying. I haven't been that scared in a long LONG time. It was especially scary with the ice, but I would probably have been almost as scared in normal weather. Whew, kinda glad that is over!!!


Noelle said...

Oh good it doesn't look as icy/snowy as I was imagining. So you went to Scout's lookout (the last pic), did anyone go up to the top. All that white stuff makes me noivous. Good thing you had an ice pole. Yeah hiking that 7 months pregnant in the middle of summer was DEFINITELY the hardest physical challenge I've had to endure. I liked walter's wiggles because it gave me lots of chances to stop for a water break.

Amy (naptimecrafters) said...

I love Angel's Landing!! We were in St. George over Thanksgiving, but decided hiking that with a squirmy kid in a backpack would've been too scary. And it was 15 degrees- too cold for me!

Heather said...

I did it a long time ago before I had kids. Wow, I'm an old lady pretty much. Congrats on surviving the fun winter hiking weekend.

Shawna said...

When you say something's scary, then I know it's truly terrifying! Pictures are spectacular!

Josh said...

We need to get you your jumping pictures!