Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Weekend of Memories

This time we left for our weekend adventure early Saturday morning.

Scott with his new GPS planning out our routes and mileage. He LOVES that thing. It has come to bed with us all 4 nights since he got it on Friday.
I wore my mesh tennis shoes (not for tennis, what word should I have used?) for the looooong hike in the snow/mud. Freezin on the way back to the hotel!
Here is the famous Thor's Hammer. We were so lucky to have such blue skies!!! Wow. We were sure we'd taken a wrong turn and had hiked well past the 3 mile Peekaboo loop. In reality, hiking in snow just takes a lot longer and is much harder. I've heard that hiking in snow counts for 2x as much as on regular ground. Is that true? The funny part is that the Peekaboo loop was just a side trip from our planned route, so maybe that's why it felt extra long.
Here is what the trail looked like. With literally only 4 other people in the park, it would have been easy to follow animal footprints instead and get off track!
Double arches!
Scott was getting a litttle fiesty...

Let me tell you how great it is to get


and walk around. and breathe fresh air. and love your life.

It is Great :)

We LOVED doing this in the winter to enjoy all the snow capped hoo-doos! So fun!
We went to a star show where enthusiastic Ranger Joel encouraged us to have star parties with our friends. His hour long presentation was perhaps 50 minutes too long. The highlight was looking through his trash can sized telescope at the end. The lowlight was when I volunteered to hold his play-doh sun, and when I wasn't holding it close enough to the moon, he punched me in the face with the grapefruit sized ball. You better believe the audience could tell it hurt my jaw. Turns out Bryce Canyon is the 3rd darkest place in North America (read: a VERY great place to see the stars!)
We were lucky to have Josh and Katrina come along with us. They are super fun, and the car drives always FLY by with them around. We went out to dinner, took a dip in the hot tub with some "couch surfers" (super cool network!) and then I guess chatted the night away. I write "I guess" because I wouldn't know, I was asleep in about 1 minute and 10 seconds I would estimate.
Stay tuned for jumping pictures from Bryce canyon,
and to learn about hiking
But you won't get to see the video clip of me scared stiff on the top of the cliff.
It's pretty embarrasing.
But very true.
Until tomorrow!


Alison Spencer said...

You hiked angels landing? I was there last weekend and they told us not to do that... way to not let those rangers stop ya!

Whit said...

That is gnarly dude!

Scott said...

Great post Stef. But I do need to clear a couple things up.

First, the trail did not have snow on it the entire hike. Some places were completely dry and others a little muddy.

Second, we were never in danger of following some animal tracks off the trail.

Third, it may have been a little cold, but it was fantastic to see the red rock hoodoos contrasted against the white snow.

Don't die without seeing it!

Scott said...

Oh and you've got to post the video...it is so great!

Heather said...

Wow, I've never been in a Ntl park in the snow. Looks totally sweet! Wish I could've joined you!

Shawna said...

Yes,Stef--let us see the video! I do love beautiful Bryce through your camera lens!

Noelle said...

We hiked Bryce in snow too. I think it's prettier with snow. Love that you still have that jacket. I have mine too :)