Friday, January 14, 2011

That Guy...

So, yesterday morning was kind of rough. Scott got distracted, and for some reason, I didn’t get up until 7:20. We rushed to shower, dress, grab something to eat and get to work. Since my hair drying/make up process takes a bit longer, we agreed that I could take the Vibe (read: car parked in the garage/car that doesn’t need to be scraped). In the flurry of getting out the door, Scott forgot his wallet.

After work, Scott stopped by Home Depot to pick up one last piece of wood he needs for his current man project. The piece of wood only cost $2. But without his wallet, he called frantically asking where I kept the emergency money in my car. I had none. He managed to scrounge up $1.12 in coins between the middle console and the glove box, but he was still 88 cents short.

He brought the wood up to checkout, and asked the orange-aproned woman if his $1.12 was “close enough?” She laughed in his face. He then replied, “Are you really going to make me go beg for the money?” She gave him a look of disbelief, wondering if someone would really do that.

Scott took the challenge. The first man he asked looked pretty poor, and Scott believed that he honestly didn’t have money to spare. Next, he narrowed in on a woman with a dog in her purse. She had money for SURE. But, she was pretty creeped out and denied him. Finally, Scott found a guy about his age and phase of life… the stranger gave Scott a whole dollar!


Ten minutes after arriving home, Scott was changing out of his work pants and found a $5 bill in his pocket. Wow babe. WOW.


Heather said...

Oh Scott, that's so lame. I almost went grocery shopping yesterday without my wallet, but no amount of begging would convince someone to spot me $130. Glad you got your wood.

Shawna said...

I am at a loss for words!

Julie T said...

Agreed. I would beg a dime but that's probably the limit! On a random note, I always thought it was so odd you and Scott would call each other "Babe". I don't know anyone else who does that. Then yesterday I read a postcard between my grandparents during the two years they dated (he recently over from Sweden, she from Denmark)
"Say, Babe! You sure missed out not going to that party with me the other night! Who were the chickens you were out with and did you have a good time?" Your Friend, Arthur!!

Noelle said...

Wow Scott, that is something else. Good job--you are brave.

Sandra & Brent said...

Oh my . . . what a story. Glad you didn't get arrested for panhandling! Sandra