Friday, January 28, 2011


Today was QUITE the day.
I took the day off work.

Veracity (our internet provider) told me I was the first client of the day.
After 8 months of NO INTERNET on my mac, I was finally going to be home on a weekday so they could come solve the problem.

Well I waited and waited and waited.

I took a (literally) 30 second shower, and blew dry my hair in front of the window, to be sure i wouldn't miss the tech.

I didn't listen to any music, or put on any movie while I folded the laundry and did dishes, so as not to miss the doorbell...

I could go on and on.

Well, after dealing with incompetent call center person after person, I found my way to Jennifer, the VP over residential accounts.

I told her my dramatic sob story, and she began texting with the tech directly and giving my updates every 30 minutes. Apparently the tech came to "my house" but nobody answered the door so he moved on to the next job. What's funny is that I specifically informed the 3 people I spoke with at the office that 24 NORTH Clayton Court is often mistaken for 24 SOUTH Clayton Court, and to please make a note on my ticket. Well, you better believe the tech went to 24 south :(

So the tech finally came at 2:30pm. That means that I was watching out my window for a full 6.5 hours straight. I scheduled ahead so that I could be early in the day, thus freeing my rare day off work to run errands and do things like go to the gym and go visiting teaching. Maybe even meet my husband for lunch! As you can see, I am very worked up about it.

It's too bad I didn't have a change of heart earlier, but when I realized at 11:30 that I was doing all I could, I decided to embrace being housebound, and I hung frames, assembled my CHRISTMAS PRESENT (more on that later) and got ahead on my valentines.

Have you ever gotten frustrated with a vendor/service? How do you keep your cool?

Much Love,
Stefanie the mac blogger :)


Heather said...

Stef, that really bites. SO sorry. We had some major problems getting internet installed here in indy. Rick had to go beg internet off our new neighbor to check on his work schedule. It was lame-o.

Shawna said...

You handled it well! My experience is to keep your voice pleasant (even if your attitude isn't) and be persistent, like you were, in getting some help. I have to admit, sometimes I've been so upset that my voice shakes, but I get results!

Noelle said...

30 second shower? I think that might be the new record! Do you remember how you used to literally time your showers when you were a jumproper? I hate waiting for service people. I hate how they usually give you like a 4 hour window "we'll be there between 8am and noon." Oh great, thanks for shooting my whole day!