Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Baby Couch

Our friends Vess and Angie host a lot of fun events.  The other week, our friend Jaque drove up from Vegas, so we lined all the kids up on the "baby couch" for a snapshot.  
From Left to right: 
Betsy Skaggs, Harper Pearson, Vaughn Dellenbach and Ruby Hathaway. 

We have been waiting a long day for this picture :)  
Most of them turned out like this:
or this:
Harper just wanted a playmate.  She is nice most of the time :)

Now we are just excited for James and Kylie to have a baby and then we can take a pic of all the boys with their babies!
But for now, this one is in the books!

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Margene said...

I loved the picture with the kids all over rather than sitting.