Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sibling Sleepover

Heather, Bryan and Noelle came down to our place after the funeral events.  Noelle and Heather were thrilled with my closet rejects.  One man's garbage is another man's treasure... It was really hard for me to weed out my closet, but it feels good to have less stuff.  And it looks better on Noelle and Heather anyway...

Autumn (8 mo) and Ruby (1 mo) getting to know each other :)  So funny!  
Cousins and friends for life!
Heather is an awesome aunt.  Cute picture, huh?  
We had an eyebrow intervention.  I'm no pro, but I sure did learn a lot from Alana and the templates work wonders!

We spent the morning making headbands/bows for all the girls in our lives.
And then got a little Cafe Rio and Jamba to take up the canyon.  

Not the most steady surface for Jenga...

But a beautiful day with beautiful people! 
Oh, and we ended the day at Bombay House.  
This just might be the perfect day :)


Chelsea said...

I love family fun!!! :D

Chelsea said...

PS your hair is cutesy too!

Chelsea said...
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Ali Wright said...

You are looking fabulous!! I love seeing pictures of your little family!! Love the hair!