Friday, June 15, 2012

Grandpa Tanner's Funeral

The funeral events spanned all weekend.  
Saturday night:  Family dinner and chatting at "The Barn."  
...where Cactus Jack lives...

It was fun because everyone was there!  The only people missing were 3 missionaries, and a cousin living in China right now.  Other than that, everyone traveled to be part of the events.  
Jacob and Zac loved the carousal that us cousins and our parents used to ride when they were two!
Sunday night was the viewing.
Grandpa Tanner's children 
(Dave, where were you?)

It was really cool to stand in line and meet all of Grandpas friends and family.  They all had a personal story of how Barney touched their life.  It was pretty inspiring and motivated me to do good to all those I meet.  Even just for a moment.  
We estimate there were 500 people who passed through the room that night.  Pretty impressive to have influenced so many!
Then games at Grandmas house!  We sure love our games!
Then Monday was the funeral and the interment.  Everyone did such a great job sharing memories and paying tribute to grandpa through word and song.

The Tanners!  We missed Phil, Rick and the Whitehead kids, 
but are SO GLAD Noelle and Heather could come out!
Classic Utah luncheon :)  
Funeral potatoes.
jello salad.
Loved having my best friends here :)  More on the sibling sleepover later!

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