Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Grotto

 Like any good Saturday, we found ourselves out in nature.  "The Grotto" up Payson canyon was the name of the game this time.  It was a nice hike and the perfect time of year!

And maybe my fav photo... it just cracks me up:
 Payson lakes!  Here is how our entry to the "National Park" went:

Scott:  Hi, here is our pass
Old, Southern Gate Attendant:  Oh we don't take those.  It costs $7 to come in.
Scott:  Oh really?  I thought you were a national forest.  Part of Uinta National Forest Services... right?
OSGA:  Well yes, but we don't take those.  We are a federal park.
Scott (polite as he can be):  Well, if you're federal, then our national parks pass should work...
OSGA:  Well I suppose your pass will work if you stay overnight.
Scott (Very confused):  Hmm, well since I have a national parks pass, and since you're a national park, do you think I could drive in and take a quick loop without paying the $7?  Thanks :)
OSGA:  That'll be alright.

I'm still very confused.


carolyn baggett said...

What a fun day for your family of 3!

Chelsea Owens said...

Loooove that picture too. :)