Monday, August 27, 2012

Master of Public Health

Dear Friends and Family,

As some/many of you may know, I have accepted my acceptance to do a Masters of Public Health beginning September 17th.  I applied to the program to keep my options open, never really intending to do it.  Then, when I was actually accepted, I did a LOT of debating, and decided to go for it!

Here are the reasons I decided to do the program:
- I love learning.  I want to be educated
- I want to contribute to the world around me in a meaningful way
- A masters degree is empowering
- Feeling of fulfillment, and accomplishment
- If I ever do a Masters, it will be now, or in about 30 years... or, never
- I want to be the best mom I can be, and I really believe educated people make great mothers
- And many other reasons...

Well, I've made the most of my summer and been playing with Ruby like crazy.  As we've gotten closer and the reality of school set in, I did some more pondering on what my goals are and how I will get there.  Completing this program would be an amazing thing that I likely wouldn't regret, but I have come to realize that I can fulfill my goals (and the reasons listed above) in other ways that won't:
A) Take me away from Ruby and my family time
B) Cost an arm and a leg and
C) Allow me the time and energy to pursue other talents and hobbies that make me happy!

This week, I gave up my spot and bowed out of the program.  It feels like the right thing to do.  I now feel very relieved and at peace.  I am excited to take piano lessons and really start advertising my photography and delving into that world.  I plan to start a book club and/or cooking group.  I can give everything I have to my calling, and fulfill my scripture study and exercise goals.

Scott has been the ultimate support through this period of self-discovery.  I couldn't ask for a better companion who loves me and values me whether I am a Master or not.

Thank you for your support of my decision.  I really feel that it is the best thing for me and my family.  It took a lot to reach this point, but I know that none of my time or money has been wasted in this pursuit.  It has been the cost of me realizing my priorities and committing to achieve them.


Amy (naptimecrafters) said...

I did one spring semester with Anne and it was tough! I think you'll be really happy with your decision :) And I just about died reading your last post- so hilarious!!

Heather said...

You are a fabulous mother, and I think you are already well-educated and informed. But continuing learning is vital, so happy to hear you'll be taking piano! Can't wait to see your photog business pick up!

Abby Watson said...

This was inspiring. Thanks Stefanie!

Leanna said...

Stefanie...I am so happy for you and the peace that you feel. It is hard for me to express my I am studying now and definitely feeling some anxiety from the new schedule. I know the Spirit helps us make the right decision for each of us...I trust that...whether it takes a couple more steps or guides us to be the happiest. It is a little funny when I think about it because I have peace with my decision...but at the same time feel very challenged. I look forward to hearing how your piano lessons are going and to see the many great experiences you are having. One day I will have the emotional strength to post what going back to school means to me. Until then...your little one is soooo adorable...just savor every moment because they grow way too fast! Love you! Leanna

Noelle said...

Wonderful post, I'm happy to hear you talk about your decision with such a positive outlook. I'm sure this has been hard on you and I'm with Heather--way to focus on the other arts! (Piano, Photography and Motherhood! All some of my favorites!) Can't wait to see you again soon....