Sunday, August 19, 2012

Uinta Backpacking Trip

Well, another fun weekend to put in the scrapbook:
We hiked to Island Lake in the Uintas with our friends the Moores for a little over-nighter.
Normal hikes become more intense when you carry your food, shelter, and a few comforts of home.
Oh, and a baby...

Huge props to Scott for carrying the child and the tent.  Scott is an all star.

Ruby got a 10/10 for her first day hike in.
She earned 2/10 for the "night" portion of the trip.
And a 9/10 for the second day.

This gives her an average of 7/10 which means she'll probably get to go again...

In the morning, I was nominated to get the bear bag out of the tree which meant I got in a big fight with the branches:
We are sad to report that we didn't catch ANY fish!  
I have tried to catch a fish for 10+ years, and never succeeded, so when I finally do one day, you will hear about it!
I was really sad to carry the tin foil, lemon pepper and oil all for nothing :( Every ounce counts!

Kim won our "all natural" sailboat contest with this awesome watercraft.  Well done making a sail, Kim!
And Ruby spent the morning laughing under a tree.  She tried to eat dirt but we're pretty sure we stopped her :)
And the most thrilling part of the trip was rafting ourselves out to the island part of "island lake."  
Kim and Jesse were so fun to hike with!
By the end, Ruby had kind of had enough...

We had a great weekend away and never regret our ventures to the mountains.  Taking a baby is a bit of a feat, but very possible if you're committed and plan ahead.  And if the baby cooperates with only needing as many changes as you brought diapers... :)  I can only imagine that this is the first of many many hikes for Ruby with her dad!


Julie T said...

Awesome hike! You are fortunate to have wonderful friends like the Moores who will buy in before they know what the babe is going to score on the Floor X!
What was the default dinner you brought? I am sad that no one caught any fish! Especially being stocked lakes! Somethin' was definitely fishy, there, if not your dinner!

NatalieD said...

Oh, you brave soul!

Kimberly Moore said...

Love the picture of you and Tatum in the tent! So cute! And the one of you two on the raft is awesome. lol You had me worried a few times...

Such a great hike!

Ashley Shae said...

Stef - Sounds like a great trip! You and Scott will really need to come to Wind Rivers with us. The lake we fish at has never been "planted" but you catch a ridiculous amount of fish. My dad had ten scouts up there who fished for 2 and 1/2 days and they caught 217 fish.